When it comes to mobile technology, trends mean so much more than any single event.

That’s a notion we see reinforced time and time again here in the land o’ Android — and that’s why so much of our focus in this little corner of the internub is on the bigger-picture view of what’s going on with Google. By looking at those broader trends, we can get a sense of how the company’s strategies are shifting and what those changes suggest about the future of Android and other mobile tech efforts.

We had no shortage of such matters to consider in 2018 — and some of the trends we’ve observed over these past 12 months will almost certainly inform the patterns we’ll see over the course of the coming year.

So take a few minutes now, in this rare start-of-year quiet, to revisit these important bits of analysis. They’ll give you valuable context about where Android and Google in general are going and what broad themes are bound to dominate the discussion in 2019.

Let’s mull, shall we?

On ecosystems and Google’s grander ambitions

Welcome to the post-OS era

It’s the virtual assistant’s world now. The operating system is just living in it. This trend really took off over the course of 2018, and it’s something that’s practically guaranteed to guide Google’s efforts in 2019 as well.

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