I/O 2019: All You Need To Know About It

The tech giant, Google is hosting its annual I/O developer conference for the fourth year in a row. After the company made its official announcement, app developers and tech enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for this huge event. So we decided to provide you with some crucial information regarding the Google I/O.

Google I/O Event Details:

Date: May 7 to May 9, 2019

Venue: Shoreline Amphitheatre at Mountain View

This year’s Google I/O event will be taking place in the same location as last year. This developer conference is a 3-day event which will be starting on the 7th of May and will be ending on the 9th of May, 2019.





What To Expect From Google I/O 2019

Let’s take a brief look at the things that are likely to be in the limelight at this app developer conference:

1. Pixel Watch

For the past year, Google has been denying any plans to launch a smartwatch to compete against leading brands like Samsung and Apple. But it seems like things have changed in 2019 as the company recently closed a deal worth $40 million for buying the smartwatch technology from the well-known name Fossil.

Even though we know that Google’s I/O event is not focused on product launches, we can surely expect some announcements being made regarding this context or any updates regarding their Wear OS.

2. Android Q

What Android Pie? Now, let’s move on to the next one i.e. the latest Android operating system version update: Android Q. There’s no denying the fact that Android Q will remain the center of attraction in this year’s Google I/O event as it will be the 10th Android OS. A number of features of Android Q have already been leaked from many different sources.

One of the most famous ones among them is Dark Mode, which is said to provide an easy-on-the-eye viewing experience and will also be saving the battery of the mobile device.

3. Google Assistant Updates

As we have already witnessed in the CES 2019 Las Vegas, Google really cherishes its voice-powered assistant and is constantly looking for new ways to make it better and more efficient. Our guess is that a variety of few features and updates will be added to the Google Assistant this year.

4. Fuchsia OS

We can say that Fushsia OS is more like an attempt made by the company in order to unite the entire set of tech provided by them in a single operating system. Apart from this, there are a ton of rumors about the Fuchsia OS but none of it can be stated as confirmed yet.

5. Google Coral

Last but not least, we have Google Coral in our list! Google Coral can also be referred to as a secretive device that was recently surfaced. Some details regarding this device are as follows:

  • 6GB RM
  • Android 10.0 version i.e. Android Q
  • Snapdragon 855.
  • A frequency of 1.78 GHz

Stay Connected And Stay Updated

So these were all the updates that you need to be aware of that this year’s Google I/O Developer Conference will consist of. In addition to this, we will be constantly updating this article with more recent updates as we come closer to the event.

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