The 5G iPhone was earlier reported to be delayed for at least another couple of years. However, that was before the Apple vs Qualcomm battle got sorted.

The scuffle between the Cupertino company Apple and chip maker Qualcomm seemed to have come to a conclusion. In a press report, Apple stated that a new six-year global patent accrediting understanding has been made with Qualcomm.

The settlement amount is unclear but Qualcomm was seeking a penalty of $15 billion from Apple. But according to some estimates, Apple is paying the San Diego company close to $6 billion to end the legal battle. Since this happened respective shares of both the companies have skyrocketed Qualcomm stock was up by 38%. Apple shares at 2% higher.

Fight over, When is 5G iPhone Coming?

So with this news and various issues with respect to Intel’s 5G chips, Apple is said to acquire the 5G modem chips from the San Diego based company Qualcomm and use them in future iPhones. The 2020 line-up of iPhones could use these chipsets. No hopes for a 5G iPhone 2019 release.

The upcoming iPhone’s won’t be begetting any sort of 5G connectivity as compared to other phone manufacturers. Even with the Qualcomm settlement, Apple will strive to catch up with competitors who have already launched 5G models or are on the verge of doing so.

5g iPhone 2020

The issues with Intel chips have made Apple delay its plans to come up with a 5G iPhone this year so the company will partner up with Qualcomm to get its job done.

It is unclear whether Apple will use both Intel and Qualcomm chips in their next iPhones. But it has to be the case in order to meet the corresponding demand.

If this sees the limelight Apple’s next iPhones the SE 2 and iPhone Pro or even a foldable iPhone will carry the 5G feature.

Apple just to keep this kind of disputes aside is now exhibiting its own modem chips in their own backward. Apple already develops its own SoC which is very powerful and capable this move by the company shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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