The iPhone X clone army continues to march and, although most are cheap knock-offs getting by on imitating the notch (notch-offs?), one in particular features tech Apple is yet to master.

The Doogee V has a fingerprint sensor built into the display. The company isn’t saying whether the technology is powered by the Synaptics sensor showcased within the Vivo smartphone at CES 2018.

However, given that’s the only market-ready solution we’ve seen thus far, it seems a pretty safe bet.

Doogee isn’t giving much else away at this stage, but is promising a global launch on February 27 (via The Verge). There’s no news on price, release date either.

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Like the iPhone X, it has the love-it-or-loathe-it notch encroaching upon the near edge-to-edge display and a vertically aligned dual camera. Of course, the phone will be running Android rather than iOS.

The handset was leaked back in early January by Evan Blass, who claimed it would have a 6.2-inch display.

Although the in-display fingerprint sensor will definitely be worth checking out, Doogee’s previous efforts have been severely lacking in the specs department. Looks aside, it’s unlikely to match up to the iPhone X in any other way.

Did Apple miss out?

Prior to the iPhone X release, Apple was believed to be pushing towards an in-display Touch ID sensor for the iPhone X, but reportedly ran out of time.

Back in November Apple laughed off claims it whiffed on perfecting the in-display fingerprint sensor, claiming that once Face ID proved effective it went all-in on that solution.

Apple hardware engineer Dan Riccio said: “I heard some rumor [that] we couldn’t get Touch ID to work through the glass so we had to remove that.”

He added: “When we hit early line of sight on getting Face ID to be [as] good as it was, we knew that if we could be successful we could enable the product that we wanted to go off and do and if that’s true it could be something that we could burn the bridges and be all in with. This is assuming it was a better solution. And that’s what we did.

“So we spent no time looking at fingerprints on the back or through the glass or on the side because if we did those things, which would be a last-minute change, they would be a distraction relative to enabling the more important thing that we were trying to achieve, which was Face ID done in a high-quality way.”

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