Success gives hope and Nintendo is full of hope presently. With their latest gaming console, Nintendo Switch selling like hot cakes around the world; they want to capitalize on the success of the gaming console for as long as possible.

The gaming console has presented itself with a lot of perks that gamers around the world revere. The game comes in a handheld, portable mode as well as a dock mode.

Nintendo Switch already had a star line-up of Nintendo games available to play as it released which contributed a lot to its success and the developers and engineers did their magic on the graphics, quality and features to excel all previous gaming consoles.

Nintendo’s Co-representative Director and legendary Designer Shigeru Miyamoto was a happy man at a recent news conference where he expressed the company’s wishes for Nintendo Switch.

He said that the present goal of the company was to get Nintendo Switch in every household around the world. He proposed that they could do that by prolonging the selling time of Nintendo Switch.

He said that if they could prolong the selling time of the gaming console from the typical six years period, they could see the Nintendo Switch console everywhere around the world. While this goal may be noble, but the typical selling time quoted by Miyamoto is already seemingly obsolete.

Nintendo itself has beaten this time when it released updated version of Nintendo gaming console. If it is to compete with its major competitors like PlayStation and Xbox, they will have to think quick on their feet.

One of the saving graces for Nintendo Switch is the rate of new games that are being released for the console every day.

Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot expressed in a recent financial call that they were happy with the success of Mario+Rabbids and Just Dance on Nintendo Switch and they will be moving on to do more projects for Nintendo Switch soon.

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