Purchased one and am loving it so far. Interested what little quirks everyone else has noticed that I may not be aware of. Good and bad.


– Flashing green banner in-call is now sequestered to the upper left corner behind the clock. This allows me to freely snap-to-top by pressing high center while browsing. On other models, the banner is active across the entire top edge, and would simply switch you back to the call screen.

– Seems that control center lets me customize and add as many switches as I’d like. (Is this now on all latest-generation iPhones?)

– OLED display outperforms iPhone LED backlit screens in terms of brightness. Excellent outdoors.

Neutral / Just Plain Weird:

– Snapchat’s viewfinder screen now freezes when in the app switcher. It stayed live (serving no purpose, but novel nonetheless) on my 6S, even when partially hidden behind other apps.


– Rounded edges of the screen sometimes obscure half of the “X” to close ads when placed in a corner. Apps aren’t always built around the top indention in the screen. WiPry, for example, has critical text obscured because of this.

– No battery percentage, not even an overlay on the icon, at first glance. Requires swipe down.

– Charging dreadfully slow, even with iPad charger. Considering USB-C but not sure if it will be any better.

– App switcher makes you target a tiny (X) to close. Could have easily been flick-up-to-kill. And only works half the time. Occasionally will simply exit the app launcher instead, even when you’re dead on target.

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