You might have a Nexus 5X that lays around in a drawer because it got stuck in an endless boot? That’s a bootloop and in some cases, it’s generated by a hardware issue and cannot be fixed with just a factory reset or re-flashing stock firmware.

There is a fix for the bootloop issue that has been recently discovered by the members of We will explain the entire process and you will also have to visit their site to get the files they have provided for the fix.

How to Fix Nexus 5X Bootloop

First of all, make sure that you have unlocked the phone bootloader so that you can start the fix. We will show you how to do it below. You will also need to use a computer and connect the phone to it via USB.

  1. Get the latest ADB and Fastboot binaries.
  2. Extract them into a new folder in your PC.
  3. Search for Google’s USB Drivers and install them.
  4. Go on and download this file: N2G47Z_4Cores.img
  5. Save the file in the same folder you have just created.
  6. Connect the phone to the PC via a USB cable.
  7. On Windows, open command prompt in the folder where you have saved the files by pressing shift and right clicking on that folder. Select ‘open command prompt here’ or for Windows 10 users it will be ‘open PowerShell window here’.
  8. Inside the command prompt/PowerShell write the following command: fastboot devices
  9. For those that haven’t unlocked the bootloader before, in the same window type: fastboot flashing unlock. Follow the instructions you see on screen to continue with the unlocking. In the process, all data on your phone will be deleted.
  10. Enter this command: fastboot flash boot N2G47Z_4Cores.img
  11. Enter the last command: fastboot reboot

It will take a few minutes for your phone to finish the boot animation, but as soon as it’s done, you have finished the fix.

The community on have reported that the fix worked on the Nexus 5X. There have been some users that didn’t see any result after using this fix, so it might not work for every user.

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