Hori Releasing A PS4 Controller For Xbox Controller Fans

Hori, the high quality gaming accessory console is now releasing an officially licensed Playstation 4 controller for players who prefer the layout of the Xbox controllers. The Onyx Wireless Controller was first revealed on Sony’s European Playstation Blog to be releasing later this week. Hori’s Andrew Mason states that the controller’s design “makes it easier than ever for gamers to find a controller that suits their unique playstyle.”

Not only does the controller almost perfectly imitate it’s counterpart console controller’s design it has all the base features and connectivity that a normal controller has according to Playstation Blog. The controller also features the touchpad, dual vibration motors, and the asymmetrical analog sticks that Xbox players might be more familiar with. Unfortunately the controller does not have the DualShock 4’s light bar, and it doesn’t appear from current photos that it will feature a headphone jack, or a built in speaker. So it looks like players who plan on picking up this controller will have to sacrifice a few features for the comfortability of the design preference.

The company stated within the blog post that after announcing that they were bringing a new range of controllers to the PS4 that, They wanted to “offer a range which reflected the community’s diverse playstyle and help introduce new people to the great games and entertainment available on PS4.” Also according to the blog post Hori’s Onyx Wireless Controller will be releasing in the U.K. on January 15. However, it is currently unknown what the North American release date will be.

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