Reuters/Beck DiefenbachGoogle has steadily entered several tech markets outside of the internet, and gaming consoles seem to be its new target.

Google has recently announced that it is planning to release their own console dubbed the “Google Yeti.” Not much is known about the hardware of Google other than the fact that it will be somehow on par with the specs of PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One.

In fact, the company might even develop the Yeti to be a fifth-generation console, which will be a smart move given that the Xbox One X is already on the market, and there are rumors that a PS5 is about to arrive next year.

Google has several ways to go about their strategy in entering the gaming industry, which is heavily dominated by Sony’s PlayStation (70 million PS4 units sold since 2014) and Microsoft’s Xbox One (50 million units sold since 2014). The Nintendo Switch has also made a massive buzz in its first year, selling an overwhelming 10 million units in just nine months since its release in March 2017.

First, Google can imitate what Nintendo did with their Switch. Nintendo incorporated an unprecedented feature by making a “hybrid console,” and Google can do the same by using its own technology to create something different.

Another strategy is to compete in terms of games and power. Microsoft’s Xbox One has sold units thanks to its top-notch specs compared to the two other consoles. On the other hand, PlayStation’s sheer amount of games under its belt is why it is ahead in terms of sales.

Google has recently given hints on what to expect with regards to the Yeti. It seems that the internet giant will be using a mixture of new games and convenient features, and it will not be focusing on specs. Particularly, the company is planning to have a console that “streams” games as opposed to downloading it.

By “streaming” the games, players will not be tasked to download or buy physical copies of the game. The console’s software itself has the games, thus making it convenient for heavy gamers.

Google noted that they plan to do this using their own platform via cloud servers for streaming. Google has reached out already to game developers, but it remains to be seen whether there will be exclusives or not.

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