We have a client who would like a mobile app for his iPhone, but is not yet in a position to give a tight specification.  To help tighten things down, we have developed a demo which is not much more than a series of screens, to give the right look and feel, but not much in the way of content.  He needs to be able to demonstrate this to his father on his iPhone, so we need to generate the Native Apple App.  We have an Apple Developer Certificate, but are having a real problem with the provisioning profile, as none of the profiles permitted by the system matches our need to get this on to the clients’ phones (the system runs great on Android!).  For one thing, Apple likes you to use a Mac to get your provisioning – we don’t have any!

Does anyone know a way around such a dilemma please – oh, and our client flies out Saturday 13th at 1pm UK time!

Thank you


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