Apple will be participating in 18 sessions during this year’s Display Week Conference in L.A. later this month. Apple’s David Chen, Director of Display Optics and Platform Technologies was the Program Chair for the Society for Information Display (SID) last year as noted in our graphic below. Later this month, Program Chair Chen will a part of Session 2: Opening Remarks / Keynote Addresses. The first three keynotes from Visionox, Oculus and Nagoya University.


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In total, Apple will Chair or Co-Chair 18 session. According to SID’s Advance Program schedule, Apple will be participating in 17 sessions (beyond the opening remarks in session 2) as noted below:


Session 3: in Session 3 on the topic of “AR/VR 1: Display Systems (AI and AR & VR/Display Systems/Emerging Technologies and Applications). Co-Chair is noted as Vincent Gu, Apple Inc.


Session 12: Oxide TFTs I (Active-Matrix Devices); Chair: James Chang, Apple Inc.


Session 13: OLED Materials II (OLEDs); Chair: Yifan Zhang, Apple Inc.


Session 31: Flexible Materials and Substrates (e-Paper and Flexible Displays); Co-Chair: Simon Kang, Apple Inc.


Session 32: Emissive Display Materials; Chair: Jonathan Steckel, Apple Inc.


Session 35: OLED Driving and Compensation (Display Electronics); Co-Chair: Chaojao Wang


Session 45: Micro-LED Epitaxial Semiconductor Materials & Manufacturing (Quantum Dots and MicroLEDs / Emissive Displays); Co-Chair: Ion Bita, Apple Inc


Session: 49: Image Processing (Display Electronics); Chair, Wei Yao, Apple Inc.


Session 52: Micro-LED Device Processing and Hetero-Integration (Quantum Dots and Micro-LEDs / Emissive Displays); Chair: Ion Bita, Apple Inc


Session 62: Novel OLEDs; Co-Chair: Yifan Zhang, Apple Inc


Session 66: Micro-LED System Integration and Applications (Quantum Dots and Micro-LEDs / Automotive/Vehicular Displays and HMI Technologies / Emissive Displays); Chair: Ion Bita, Apple Inc.


Session 69: Capacitive-Touch Displays (Touch and Interactive Displays): Chair: John Zhong, Apple Inc.


Session 70: Projection: Screen Technology (Display Systems); Co-Chair: Sergei Yakovenko


Session 73: QD Electroluminescence I (Emissive Displays); Chair: Jonathan Steckel, Apple Inc.


Session 76: Fingerprint Sensing and Optical Sensing Displays (Touch and Interactive Displays); Co-Chair: Martin Grunthaner, Apple Inc.


Session 78: Color Gamut (Applied Vision); Chair: Cheng Chen, Apple Inc.


Session 79: Enhancements to AR/VR (AI and AR & VR / Emerging Technologies and Applications); Co-Chair: Fang-Chen Lin, Apple Inc.


There will be three specialty sessions covering AR, VR, and AI, Quantum Dots and Micro-LEDs and Wearable Displays, Sensors and Devices. You could learn more about these sessions here and see Display Week at a Glance here.


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